Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ryan Seacrest Chair

While working on this chair, I was pointing out its fantastic proportions to my good friend Steph. It is a throne of a chair, big enough to curl your whole body into... masculine in size but with feminine graceful lines. She aptly named it the Ryan Seacrest chair.

This chair was a joy to work with... it belongs to a friend of mine who is very conservative. The chair had been covered in a traditional floral damask and she wanted something DIFFERENT! Her choice of fabrics knocked my socks off! While shopping for fabrics she began gravitating toward bold colorful prints and textures (my favorite!) The terracota fabric on the seat and arms contrasts so beautifully with the mod print. The best thing is- her sofa will soon be draped in a gorgeous purple that pulls the purple flower! Can't wait to reveal that finished project. And yes, this time I will take before pictures.

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