Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Before photos of the sofa. Yes- I realize I really need to focus on photo quality.

Whew! One more for the books- the purple sofa is finished! And not a moment too soon- as my daughter and I are leaving on our great road trip adventure to San Francisco and then up to Oregon to meet up with the rest of the family.

We delivered the sofa last night and in my client's house she is a beauty! As mentioned previously the sofa is a sleeper- something new for me to work with. Definitely a piece worth redoing. The owner has had this piece for many years and it is a solid little thing. I have always loved the contours of the camelback sofas and the channel tufting sort of ups the ante. Particularly in such a deep bold color- who knew purple was a classic- right up there with navy? The rich purple is just gorgeous and alongside that fantastic chair it is a winning combination. I had no idea just how lovely a rich purple can be... particularly paired with an orange/terracotta. She intends to paint the wall behind the sofa a lighter shade of terracotta. Can't wait to see that finished and show you pictures!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Progress in Purple

It is nearly done...but a sofa generally takes me a bit longer to complete, so in lieu of showing you the completed project in all its glory, here are a few pictures of our work in progress. What would I do without my minions to help me feed channel back foam through my ancient trusty Singer?

This beauty is a sleeper...things started going much smoother once we got the bed taken out! Isn't this going to look amazing with the Ryan Seacrest chair? Should I stop calling it that? I hope to deliver this early next week so stay tuned for the finished piece!