Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ryan Seacrest Chair

While working on this chair, I was pointing out its fantastic proportions to my good friend Steph. It is a throne of a chair, big enough to curl your whole body into... masculine in size but with feminine graceful lines. She aptly named it the Ryan Seacrest chair.

This chair was a joy to work with... it belongs to a friend of mine who is very conservative. The chair had been covered in a traditional floral damask and she wanted something DIFFERENT! Her choice of fabrics knocked my socks off! While shopping for fabrics she began gravitating toward bold colorful prints and textures (my favorite!) The terracota fabric on the seat and arms contrasts so beautifully with the mod print. The best thing is- her sofa will soon be draped in a gorgeous purple that pulls the purple flower! Can't wait to reveal that finished project. And yes, this time I will take before pictures.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kudos to Cassie!


This is a shout out for my good friend Cassie- to whom (and we are still laughing about this) I owe my current renewal of zeal for recovering furniture!

The story goes... Cassie (who can do nearly anything, and more beautifully than just about anyone- check out her blog: designstocker.blogspot.com) had a chair she wanted to recover and knowing that I had spent years doing just that kept asking and asking if I would help/teach her to redo her chair. Finally I gave in, knowing she might never stop asking if I didn't. Big smiles here! We had a ball doing it- and when the project was finished I was filled with such enormous satisfaction! I stepped back a moment and asked myself: why am I not doing what I know how to do and love to do?

So for the thousandth time, thank you so much Cassie for the inspiration and for introducing me to blogland! And thank you for mentioning me on your beautiful blog!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pick one!

This boxy beauty is the quintissential perfect chair. Perfect in nearly any decor or room- endless possibilities.

This chair belongs in the lounge of the hotel in The Great Gatsby... can't you see it with a scotch on the rocks, and a carnation in his pocket? All it needs is a little TLC and an amazing masculine fabric- the brown ikat????

This little lady is a gem with clean classic lines. She is feminine and graceful and ridiculously comfortable. I could see her in so many different clothes- perhaps the blue chain link for a modern twist? Or the bird cages for a touch of whimsy? She deserves a string of pearls....


Don't let this little darling fool you... so she has been draped in a blue country
floral- it's not her fault! You know she is aching for the zebra print! This chair when finished will have a fully upholstered back and inside back, although she is pretty pared down right now. I intend to paint her black and show off her wild side! Every girl needs a little animal print in her life.....


Be prepared to swoon- this beauty is the piece de resistance! Her original clothes are a bit tattered, albeit gorgeous vintage damask....all she needs is a smart makeover. Have you seen the sofas like her on Anthropologie? Have a lookie and come right back! We can do all sorts of things here...black paint, white paint, weathered grey....Fabric choices are limitless although I am drawn to the heather and charcoal grey colors that are all the rage right now and look stunning on this design. Deep charcoal velvet anyone?

The world of fabric is rich and ever-changing. A trip to a large textile store can feel like a fall down the rabbit hole for me.....

All furniture pieces are for sale... each one slated for a makeover. Please contact me if any piece interests you for fabric ideas and pricing. Feel free to get involved with your favorite piece before I take matters in my own hands!!!! Thank you for looking!

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Biggest Fan

So I asked my 11 year old daughter to write me a poem for my blog, as she is a prolific and talented poet... and the finished product is fantastic!

things with springs
Samantha Zoller

things with springs
working as the needle sings
its song of work its song of metal
as the mother works the pedal

enough awe to make you stare
at the work she does on furniture she does on furniture and chairs
passion for beauty passion for grace
as she works at an impossible pace.

red, scarlet, green, and blue
any color that intrests you
hard effort and perfect seams
she can desighn the chair of your dreams.

hard work and amazing care
she would be happy to share
she makes amazing artwork
she is not afraid she does not shirk.

she can finish your job
the results will never include a sad sob
she's trustworthy and smart
now come and pick up your art!

What did I tell you? Isn't she fantastic? And she didn't even mention how crabby I get when the workshop is hot!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

and one more!

Video with Restoration Plantation

All in a day's work... here is a 4 part how-to video for tufted chairs

Welcome to Things With Springs Custom Upholstery

Welcome to Things With Springs Custom Upholstery, transforming your quality furniture into a great new charming look. My workshop is located in beautiful Sedona Arizona and we service Phoenix and surrounding area's.

No Longer Available


Set of Chairs/$160/set