Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Chair from the Graveyard

This chair has been seen in my dreams... I have been dying to restore it and waiting for a lull in the schedule to get to it. 90 degrees outside...bright blue skies...light breeze...perfect weather to finish stripping and putting the paint on this one.
She has a sketchy history... found her way into my garage by way of my friend Cassie, who had at one time access to a treasure trove of old furniture she referred to as "the graveyard." One look at this chair and I was smitten. She is getting the turquoise velvet...once I finish distressing her exposed wood.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back In Town

Wow- what a whirlwind! Our great American road trip has sadly reached its end... and I am looking at my workshop and thinking- what next? A few additions to my fabric collection were purchased on this trip and are impatiently awaiting their transformation, including this luscious turqouise velvet.

There were many highlights to this trip...among them a lengthy visit with a third-generation upholsterer whose shop is located on the fabulous Union Street in San Francisco. Fascinating gentleman with lots of little tricks up his sleeve. Come to find out, we have worked with the same sewing machine for many years- the stalwart Singer 16-188. He recently replaced his with a newer model and was lamenting the fact that he had far fewer issues with the older one... this was good for me to hear! Although- thanks to the IRS I have a new sewing machine in my very near future!!!

Sometimes I find looking back to be highly motivating... here are a few pictures of previous jobs done.

These photos are pieces I did for a gorgeous little bed and breakfast here in Sedona- El Portal. They have a beautiful property and you can view their website at All told, I upholstered several chairs, made many pillows and the suede drapes in the third photo for the owners. One unique challenge (for which I lack a good photo, but can be seen peeking behind the bed in the third photo) was a Juniper chair for which we fashioned a seat and pillow back.