Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Work, Interrupted

As is very obvious from the content of this blog... we are not super diyselfers... I live in awe of those who seem unafraid to try anything and have success at everything they attempt. Kind of the Midas touch of remodeling. This is not our experience. We have carved out little niches where we feel we can excel but when it comes to ripping out rooms and starting from scratch the fear factor has always just been too big. (As well as the wallet factor...somehow big mistakes mean big money!) So we have always relied on super talented friends who are willing to trade or help or whatever... and we have learned to live with things that sorely need to be changed out... but we are waiting no more! We have bit the bullet and gutted our main bathroom. When I say main, I realize how sad that sounds. Just look at it... long skinny hideous little room. The avocado paint on the wall was a desperate attempt to draw the eye away from the generations of dirt encrusted on the corners of the vanity, faucet and grout from previous owners that no amount of cleaning products, razor blades or elbow grease could fully remove. This bathroom has been the last hold-out, the Alamo, the Masada of our home improvement life. I am so excited to see it finished!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Latest Addition

A dainty little wingback in a sturdy linen sprayed with hydrangeas. My favorite flower. Such a shame that these beauties cannot be grown in our climate zone. At least they can bloom in someone's room! Finished chair for sale upon completion $425.