Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blue Zone

Did you know that demographers have named places in the world where people generally live active healthy lives past the age of 100 "blue zones?" I think my favorite place so named would have to be Sardinia...something to do with amazing food, wine and happiness! Working on this project is so enjoyable, I feel I must be living in a blue zone. This fabric is so very beautiful. I know in my pictures it looks light in color, at least it appears that way on my PC, but in real life it is a true navy. Progress report: Cushions finished. They look sharp! Tufting back of couch well under way... she is taking shape now!

If anyone is interested, the fabric being used can be found at Fabric.com and is the Belgium upholstery fabric. They carry several stand-out colors... in fact my loveseat below is recovered in the color "fig." You can't beat the price or quality.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sweat Shop!

There are no other words for it. These dog days of summer have left me melting in my garage/shop...but there is work to be done so no excuses! This couch does not appear to be improving rapidly but lets face it... just like the benefits of regular workouts and facials, all of the finished product relies heavily on the work behind the scenes. The end result will depend mightily on the care given to the underpinnings. So- this week. All fabric pieces have been cut (that takes a day fyi!) and cushions are being assembled. More tomorrow!