Friday, May 13, 2011

My Biggest Fan

So I asked my 11 year old daughter to write me a poem for my blog, as she is a prolific and talented poet... and the finished product is fantastic!

things with springs
Samantha Zoller

things with springs
working as the needle sings
its song of work its song of metal
as the mother works the pedal

enough awe to make you stare
at the work she does on furniture she does on furniture and chairs
passion for beauty passion for grace
as she works at an impossible pace.

red, scarlet, green, and blue
any color that intrests you
hard effort and perfect seams
she can desighn the chair of your dreams.

hard work and amazing care
she would be happy to share
she makes amazing artwork
she is not afraid she does not shirk.

she can finish your job
the results will never include a sad sob
she's trustworthy and smart
now come and pick up your art!

What did I tell you? Isn't she fantastic? And she didn't even mention how crabby I get when the workshop is hot!

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  1. I love the poem! Samantha's book, "Poems to Kindle the Fire," was a great pleasure to read. I really am so glad to have a copy!