Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Arabian Nights

Anyone familiar with the Bombay Company? I love their signature flair.... every piece looks like it could be found on a set from Out of Africa. These pieces remind me so much of their style. This is a truly unique set- found by my friend Jessica on good old CL. The couch and chair are from the 20's and the chinoiserie style satin brocade was in fantastic condition, except for the seats, where it was actually disintegrating. The foam inside had turned to sawdust- quite the mess when I took them apart! Our challenge was to find a fabric that would complement the backs and arms... and a challenge it proved to be. She decided to go with velvet, but finding the right color- we had no idea how hard it would be to find the right shade! It was a good thing we had a swatch with us while we scoured fabric stores... but finally we hit upon the perfect thing- this rich green. For $8/yd it was a steal. I think they turned out so beautifully- now if only she can talk her husband into fanning her with palm leaves while she lies outstretched.....

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  1. You are amazing! and must be very busy!!! Maybe someday soon our chairs will be headed your way to get a proper makeover. But no hurry, I still have to get the motivation to go shopping for fabric.