Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where has summer gone?

Well it has been weeks since I have been able to sit down for more than 10 minutes to post to the blog... where has the time gone? All I know is the summer was far too short! Our last hurrah was a long weekend in San Diego with some very good friends, which turned out to be a real blessing for the future of thingswithsprings! The good friend we visited happens to be a whiz at all things bought, sold and processed. While visiting we had occasion to check out a very temptingly priced JUKI machine, which has been on my long wish list. Taze not only knew what to look for in general as to the inner mechanisms of the machine, but also happens to have an aunt who teaches sewing classes and travels nationally to do so who was able to answer many questions, such as how to determine if a used machine was cared for properly/has super high mileage etc. In short, he saved me a lot of heartache. This machine had some tell-tale signs of having been abused that I might have overlooked. These machines appear indestructible...but like anything else, can be run into the ground.
On our way home, I checked out another JUKI in Phoenix, one who had been well cared for by a very professional motorcycle mechanic. All told, I was able to purchase, for well below the stated price, the sewing machine, a new button-maker complete with a large selection of die sizes and buttons, extra staples, and spools of thread. Score! Truly a steal. Took the machine to Raichert's in Phoenix for a lookover and was told the machine would have cost me almost twice as much had I bought it from them and that it is in splendid condition! So thingswithsprings is in the swing!

Been working on a couple of things- not totally slacking! Have two chairs going at present... one of my own, which will be going on the back burner, and one in a gorgeous zebra print for a customer.


  1. Congrats on the machine.
    Glad you had fun with Taze and Danni in San Diego. Great to have a fun-and-profitable trip.